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Home Hygiene: How to Keep Your Home Germ-Free When You Have Little Ones

When little ones enter your life, keeping your home germ-free will reduce the risk of sickness and make a safer – and nicer – environment for everyone in the home.There are germs everywhere but remember, we can’t control them all, so the next best thing is to eliminate as many as we can and keep the area where your kids frequent as clean as possible.

This is very important – especially during their first 4-6 months of life. After this, however, you can relax a little as their little body gets much stronger and they will start to build their immune system as they get exposed to more of the world.

When your child gets sick this can of course be a concern to you as a parent, but it can also take a toll on your energy levels – and we all know that when one person gets sick it spreads like wildfire through the household, so preventing these germs entering our bodies in the first place is by far the best defence.

Luckily, by following this list, you can reduce your risk of getting sick and keep your home clean for the people that matter the most.

  1. Consistently make sure everyone is washing their hands to prevent the spread of germs. This is the easiest yet most effective way to avert spreading germs and getting ill.
  2. This tip will not come as a surprise to anyone, but cleaning up regularly can prevent a lot of issues. Wiping down surfaces, mopping the floors and thoroughly dusting the house with something that collects the dust instead of spreading it everywhere (feather dusters I’m looking at you) is an effective means of removing allergens from surfaces your child will crawl on.
  3. Cleaning linen and carpets frequently also combats dust and germs. They may look clean, but carpets and rugs can harvest an array of germs. Leaving your shoes at the door is a simple step that can create a good system for keeping dirt and germs from outside, however it doesn’t mean you don’t need to vac regularly.
  4. Open windows and give your house a blast of fresh air! Having good airflow means ridding your home of any airborne nasties, annoying fumes and stale air. All of this encourages healthier living, and brings us to another topic of concern: cleaning products.
  5. Nobody wants that harsh chemical smell lingering around or any residue being left behind – especially when you have a young family potentially inhaling noxious air. An excellent solution to this is baking soda and vinegar. Not only are they all natural, cheap, easy to use and effective, they are also completely safe for you and your kids. An added bonus is that this solution can be used in any room in the house, so no more bleach and harmful vapours!
  6. There are numerous areas in your home in which germs love to make their lair. Some primary spots include doorknobs, faucets, remote controls and your children’s toys. Be sure you don’t miss them while cleaning and give them a good rub down with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent.
  7. Be very aware of mildew in places that can get humid and do not dry out properly. The bathroom is the most common place for mould to grow but always check for signs in every room. Considering investing in a dehumidifier to cleanse the air and enhance healthy airways for the whole family.

Another quick tip, particularly for newborns, is to keep most visitors at bay (notably kids) until your baby is old enough to fend for itself, which most experts identify as being around the four month old mark. If they do come to visit, make sure they have had any necessary vaccinations and are not sick themselves, because germs and illnesses spread quicker than any viral video on social media ever could.