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Hot interior styling trends for 2020

hot interior style

Just like the fashion world, what’s hot in interior styling in 2019 may become passé in 2020. However, every year one or two must-haves emerge that transcend trends, turning cold, flat spaces into stunning, inspiring features that you’ll love forever.

We asked Sally Paterson, a Director and co-founder of Heliconia, a boutique Sydney studio that specialises in the design and facilitation of interiors, new builds and renovation projects for a sneak peak at some of the trends coming in 2020 so you can up the style points and boost the curb appeal of your home. Here’s what she had to say.


I’m looking forward to exploring more ‘biscuit’ tones in paint colours. As our social consciousness continues to focus on sustainability and the priceless value of our natural surroundings, I think we’ll continue to see a growth in the colours inspired by nature – gum-leaf greens, inky ocean blues, earthy terracottas and creamy sandstones. A warmer colour palette is bringing cosy back, and when executed well can still maintain that fresh, breezy atmosphere we so often like to achieve here on the coast.


Obviously plants! Even the most minimal of interiors needs life, and there is no better way to bring that in than with live greenery. They have the added benefit of purifying the air, injecting colour and texture… the list goes on. The range of planters available is getting more and more exciting so they can become a real wow-statement in a strategic spot or they can simply soften the lines of a long shelf.

Another must-have is books. We always love books. Standing up, stacked lying down, showing off bookends, layering a console table… Good books have a timeless appeal, and can be used to great effect when styling.

And we’ll always use mirrors – big beautiful, statement mirrors. They can be artworks in their own right and are brilliant at bouncing light around and making a room feel bigger.


In terms of home design I can see the ‘modern farmhouse’ look growing in popularity. It comes back to that cosiness factor and feeling connected with our surroundings. Combining the classic elements of farmhouse with the contemporary elements of the latest products lends a certain rustic effect that just softens some of the hardness of recent modern styles. It’s also a nice alternative, yet still a very timeless option, to the uber popular Australian-Hamptons look.

In terms of styling, I can see the concept of personality / individuality starting to infiltrate again – gallery walls of unstaged family photos, eclectic and interesting accessories, artworks or furniture pieces sourced on travels. The vibe is less showroom, more showpiece, but all tied together in calming, clutter-free cohesiveness.


I think a styling trend that is losing appeal is fast and mass-produced products. In my opinion consumers are becoming more conscious of manufacturing processes, shopping local, buying Australian, supporting artisans and recognising the value and beauty of vintage. For me, opting for limited or custom pieces is a brilliant recipe for achieving a look that is unique and high-quality.