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How to successfully put your home on the market

Looking at selling? Here are some tips to ensure your property has a successful marketing campaign and an even more successful sale.

Get top quality photographs

It is imperative that you hire a professional photographer to take photographs of your property. Your agent will recommend a real professional who knows how to work with shapes and light.

Have the photographer shoot at the right time of day, when the sunlight hits your home perfectly. Tidy up the house and garden and remove your cars from the driveway beforehand.

Having professional photographs will entice more buyers to look at your home online.

“Online listings with professional photos get more hits from buyers, it’s as simple as that,” said Founder & Managing Director, Pat Carbone.

Ensure there are numerous images showcasing the interiors and exteriors of your home.

You could also ask your agent to arrange a virtual tour or video to excite buyers further and make your home appear more exclusive.

Make your property visible

With so many people online every single day, one of the best ways to advertise your property is online.

There are multiple property platforms available for owners selling their homes, the cheapest of which is

“We allow agents to upload standard listings for free,” explained Founder & Managing Director, Pat Carbone.

“Alternatively, if vendors really want their homes to stand out, they might consider investing just a few hundred dollars for a premium listing on compared to thousands of dollars with the other property portals.”

Your web ad should include all your images, a lengthy description of your property’s interiors and exteriors, your open dates and times and a contact number for your agent.

In addition, consider investing in a signboard, letterbox leaflets and print advertising in the local and metropolitan newspapers if your marketing budget allows.

Offer inspections at different times

Opens are typically held twice per week on a Saturday and a work day.

You agent might recommend running your midweek open in the early evening to allow people to attend on their way home from work. Your agent might also suggest a dusk open if your property has a great view of sunsets or the twinkling lights of the city.

Timing is key

If you’re not selling in a hurry, then it might be worth waiting until competing homes similar to yours have come off the market. If your home is the only one for sale with four bedrooms, then you’re going to attract every buyer who wants that size of home. That means more competition for your home and potentially a higher selling price.