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The many benefits of retirement village living

Retirement Village Living

Almost 200,000 Australian seniors live in retirement villages. People move to these villages for a number of reasons, including being closer to like-minded people, so that they can get care when they need it and to simply improve and enrich their lifestyles.

If you’re nearing retirement, you might be considering making the same move, and with that in mind we’ve compiled a list of the benefits of retirement village living so you know exactly what you have to look forward to.


In a recent study, over 40% of Australians over 65 reported being lonely. Without work taking up your time and getting you out in the world, life can be isolating. This is particularly true if you’ve lost a spouse or are not as mobile as you used to be.

Retirement villages are built with this in mind, to foster community and a sense of togetherness. You’ll be living with hundreds of people at a similar stage of life, and the majority of villages will hold regular social events to encourage you to mix. The benefits of this can be huge, especially if you’re happy and healthy in your golden years.


Retirement villages are built to offer the ultimate lifestyle package. The homes are usually extremely low maintenance, so you won’t have to spend your precious time or funds on repairs. There are often gardens, swimming pools, communal spaces and dining rooms, social events and even the occasional on-site bar to enjoy.

Everything you need is within the village, but they’re often conveniently located near major amenities. Locking and leaving your home in these villages is also very easy, which makes life easy if you want to travel.


If you want to live completely independently and manage your own household in a retirement village, you can. However, you can also have your meals cooked, your apartment cleaned, your clothes washed and much more if you want. You can do as much or as little as you’d like.

What’s more, if you need medical assistance, most retirement villages have professionals on-site and some even have small hospitals, which gives peace of mind to retirees and their families.


Most retirement villages will require that you buy your property in the village, then pay an ongoing fee for service delivery and facility maintenance. Despite that, seniors often find that their costs of living are much lower once they move into a retirement village. Outside of the monthly management fee you can live very cheaply, as you’ll rarely have to leave the village. This can free up money for travel or to spoil your grandkids.

If you’re nearing retirement it’s important to remember that you’ve got options, and a retirement village is just one of them. But thanks to the fantastic community, services, convenience and low cost of living that retirement villages offer, they are clearly well worth considering.