8 Oakbridge Way, Peregian Springs, QLD 4573

I am being sold by my owner in the middle of all this! Please buy me

** Please call Daryl 0437 115 668 fro a private showing **

Ok, here's the deal, my parents have decided to sell me, I know that sounds harsh, but I am a house after all. Now the good news, I have been looked after extremely well. In fact, some say, I look years younger than what I actually am. This is because when I was originally conceived, a lot of time was put into my bits and pieces, I mean very thoughtful. So, now the day has come for me to find new parents. I am in a good position to present myself in a very good way. Still reading..........here are some of my features:

* 4 rooms you can sleep in and 2 rooms so you can have a shower/bath in (+ other things)
* If that confused you, try this - 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (human speak)
* I have nice tile floors in all the areas where you trample all the time and carpet where you sleep
* The area you cook and eat in is spacious and inviting with a spacious lounge area
* I also have another completely separate area that you can lounge in and watch the box with moving pictures in the wall, I think you call it a Media room?
* My entertaining area outside is covered and cool
* I have 2 of those air conditioning units on the walls too, with hot and cold air
* I also have lots of mini helicopters (ceiling fans) throughout
* Now, around the back, I am large, very flat, but in a good way I am told, oh, and very private too
* I am also advised that there is also room to dig a big hole in the back yard and line it with cement so you can fill it with water (a pool I believe is the term you would use)
* And, I have large side access too

Ok, that is enough bragging, I know sometimes (a lot) there are real estate agents that ssstttrreettcchh the truth just a bit, but with my one (Daryl) this is not the case. He has typed all of this exactly as I have dictated it. So COME ON (thanks Leyton), its your turn now.


  • Fully Fenced
  • Entertainment Area
  • Air Conditioning
  • Living Area
  • Rainwater Tank



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